goo.jpg is on its way.

Create a new page with your name-goo (For example, Dr.Right-goo) or if you are doing all your work on your primary character page have a heading on your page about goo – and put your name after issue # 3 on our front page; for example, Grey-goo; Dr. Right).

Our planet – yet to be named, has a certain character on it, who is a renegade scientist from the planet Air-Conditioner. This certain character has a nanorobotics factory outside the island of Albany where he or she or possibly a clone of Dolly has created a new breed of machine to empower him or her or possibly a clone of Dolly, the sheep from outside of Jupiter, to be present in every cell of every character on the planet yet to be named. As a result of an accidental mutation in a self-replicating nanomachines something seems to be going wrong probably because one of Dolly’s clones has eaten a bucket of nanorobots and has burped out nanorobots all over yet to be named. As a society we must deal with this

  1. Find information on what the goo thing is all about. For example, from our sister Wiki - and at least two other sites, including reading The Gray Goo Problem from
  2. Now that you are informed about grey goo what should we do about the possible accidental release of self-replicating robots.
  3. Yesterday we had the issue of cloning to discuss – how is Self-replication different from cloning? Or is it the same? Which is more of a threat to our little planet with only us twelve characters?