Our characters are what makes our world unique. Put your name below then go to 'Make a New Page' and use your name as I did below and describe yourself. (have your real name somewhere in your description so that I can give you credit for doing this). See Dr. Right for an example. You will need to make a link to your character by scrolling over the name then clicking on the 'make a link' icon above.
  1. I am Dr. Right (always right and little left) see my page to learn about me.
  2. - I am Spiderman see my page to learn about my many ways. (Aleks Saar)
  3. - I am Dr. Gao, see my page to learn about my life. (Jake Gao)
  4. - I am Hugonaut Meigher, see my page to learn more about me.
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  11. - I am Motherloadaholic. check me out.
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